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CheapPrivateproxy reviews
Cheap private proxy provides the cheapest private proxies for just about any your legal use.  It  only specializes in http private proxy subscriptions.Cheapprivateproxy works great on Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter and just about every other website.
 1 Proxies $9.95100GB
 10 Proxies $19.95500GB
 50 Proxies $89.95Unlimited
 100 Proxies $160Unlimited
Here is  Sample packages that cheap private proxy provided.They Supports online classifieds  posting . The proxies that was given were may in the same city. If you are already his consumer, Pleas share your review at here.Cheers!


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Change Not Indicated
  • Cheap Prices
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Supported:Social networks,  Scrapebox, Craigslist (with PVA), Webmail
  • Not Supported:Xrumer

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 reviews

IPFreelyProxies reviews
Within Reason
IP Freely Proxies provides US Private Proxies that all are Anonymous Elite Proxies and there are almost no restrictions on their use,for just about any legal use including legitimate webmailing.
SamplePackagePriceWebMailing Limits
10 Proxies$23100
20 Proxies$42200
50 Proxies$100500
100 Proxies$1801,000
Here is Sample packages that IPFreelyProxies service provided. It’s exclusive U.S. Proxies.It provide private proxies just about any legal use. IPFreelyProxies works great on Scrapebox for IMer, support Multiple IP Subnets;Fresh IPs Monthly; not support the use of our proxies for anyservice that requires geolocation like Craigslist.not support Xrumers too. operate on GMT+10 which is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) .So you must check you time when you need support.If you check out IPFreelyProxies and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS/FTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Multiple IPSubnets
  • Supported: Scrapebox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,web2.0, WebMailing(Limits)
  • Not Supported: Craigslist ,Xrummer

Customer Reviews

One Review to “IPFreelyProxies”
  1. Tex says:
    Hey there, we now have a huge 20% Discount on ALL proxies, woot!

Thursday, September 20, 2012 reviews

BestProxyAndVpn reviews
BestProxyAndVpn provides private proxies and VPN services in US, Canada and Europe. It’s offer both socks5 proxies and http proxies as well as dedicated IP anonymou surf vpn accounts.You can  get a high anonymity elite non-transparent proxy start  for only 2.47$ per month.
 1 Proxies $4.971 at a time
 6 Proxies $16.97up to 6
 12 Proxies $32.97 up to 8
 24 Proxies $49.97up to 8
 48 Proxies $124.97 up to 8
Here is  Sample packages that BestProxyAndVpn service provided. Now BestProxyAndVpn available Proxy Locations are
United States : Atlanta – GA, Chicago – IL, Dallas – TX, Los Angeles – CA, New York – NY, Phoenix – AZ,Seattle – WA  Canada : Toronto UK : Manchester,Germany : Chemnitz. is easy to set-up and use. A fantastic service.If you check out BestProxyAndVpn proxies  and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!!


  • Proxies Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS(default) and SOCK5
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Monthly or weekly(depend on packages)
  • Multiple Cities,Multiple Subnets
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Allowed: Scrapebox, SeNuke,Ftp
  • Not Supported: Do not allow SPAM, ports 25, 465 and 587, CraigList posting

Sunday, September 16, 2012 reviews

  1. James says:
    Worst support I have ever seen, the proxies do not work, stay away!
  2. Zac says:
    Terrible customer support.
    Proxies don’t work.
    I would say that it is cheap, but they are selling your proxies that don’t work so I’d say it’s over priced.
  3. Vlad says:
    Very unstable, bad proxies. Very first day they where OK, but next day they partially failed in the program I used to scrape data from the internet. This is probably the best price on the market, but seems like they sell you public proxies for extra money.

  4. David says:
    They are cheap… that is the only positive thing I can say about them

  5. Brandon says:
    They are the worst ever! I ordered 200 private proxies which all were bad! I asked for a refund same day because I knew something was up and they completely ignored my request They took my money and I never received any working proxies.
    Total scammers, Terrible customer service

  6. Matthew Rogers says:
    I think that this is by far the worst proxy service I have ever encountered in my life, no response from the support, and the proxies keep on failing.
    Awful experience, i will never use them again, and so should you!
    I totally agree with Pak Chou, cheap but dead is useless.
  7. Pak Chou Cheng says:
    man…don’t rent private proxies from Proxiesforrent.
    I dissapointed, just 1 week register, 4 times dead..!!!
    i run my software on vps, and found out my softwares stop because of dead proxies.
    I think, they just scraped the internet to find free proxies and sell them to clients and claim they’re private proxies, that’s why the proxies lifetime so short..
    If you run an autopilot software on vps, dont rent from this provider.
    You just waste your time.
    cheap but dead 4 times a week, what for?
  8. amit says:
    really like the different c class proxies cannot find any one so cheap

    Proxiesforrent reviews
    Proxiesforrent service provides  Private Proxy at cheap prices. It’s provides both Private Proxy and Shared Proxies,you can start at $1/month for Private Proxy and $0.50 /month for  Shared Proxies.
     10 Proxies $10 Yes  /  Yes
     50 Proxies$50Yes  /  Yes
     100 Proxies$75Yes  /  Yes
     200 Proxies$125Yes  /  Yes
    Here is  Sample packages that Proxiesforrentservice provided for Private Proxy.You can access all the sites on the web using proxy servers, but note that they do not allow MAILING & E-Commerce sites of any sorts in his network.Some of the common sites used on proxies* FaceBook* Google* AOL* BBC* CraigsList* Yahoo* And many more Proxiesforrent provides both Private Proxy and Shared Proxies, they strictly prohibit usage of his proxies for any fraudulent / spam / scam / illegal purposes.


    • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
    • PHigh speed: A 100 Megabit connection provides fastest possible connections
    • US IPs from different sub-networks operated on multiple servers
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Guarantee on our proxies if cancelled within first 3 days

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 reviews

EZproxies reviews
OverallNo Ratings
PerformNo Ratings
SpeedNo Ratings
SupportNo Ratings
EZ proxies service  is another good choice  for blackhat-seor who using Scrapebox.You can email with these proxies such as hotmail, yahoo and gmail, but not through an SMTP-based port.
Private proxies packagesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$20$2.00
25 Proxies$45$1.80
50 Proxies$80$1.60
100 Proxies$150$1.50
250 Proxies$270$1.35
350 Proxies$430$1.22
500 Proxies$500$1.00
Here is private proxies packages that ez-proxies service provided.
There are also shared proxies (start from 50 proxies  at $50/month) and International Proxies available.
You can go to his website check more detail.They have several locations around the United States,But not enough infomations provided for it’s a newer proxy service provider.The  EZ Proxies are ok to be used for Scrapebox and most other IM programs,But not Supported Xrummer.
If you check out Ezproxies and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Private and  Shared Proxies ,International Proxies
  • Proxies Update Frequency:N/A
  • Supported: Scrapebox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,Gmail, Hotmail,Yahoo but Not SMTP-based port 
  • Not Supported: Xrummer

Saturday, September 8, 2012 reviews

proxy-hub reviews
OverallNo Ratings
PerformNo Ratings
SpeedNo Ratings
SupportNo Ratings
proxy-hub service  is provide  high anonymous HTTP Proxies. Proxy-Hub Servers are Located in Europe and USA.Their proxy upto 100 Threads that good for SEO tools.Their service is no Restriction to use any SEO tools.
Dedicated Private ProxiesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$20$2
20 Proxies$40$2
30 Proxies$55$1.83
40 Proxies$75$1.875
50 Proxies$90$1.8
100 Proxies$185$1.85
Here is Dedicated Private Proxies (Only you will use) packages that proxy-hub service provided (start from 10 proxies at $20/month) . Their private proxies refresh once a month.Non-Sequential IP Range.

Semi Dedicated Private ProxiesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$10$1
30 Proxies$28$0.93
50 Proxies$47$0.94
100 Proxies$90$0.9
There are also Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies (shared with max 3 Clients)  packages that proxy-hub service provided (start from 10 proxies  at $10/month).And you can get per proxy at $1.

You can go to his website check more detail.Their proxies are unlimited bandwidth,Social Media Friendly Proxies.But not enough infomations provided for it’s a newer proxy service provider.If you check out proxy-hub and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Dedicated Private Proxies AND Dedicated Private Proxies
  • Social Media Friendly Proxies
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Monthly
  • No Restriction to use any SEO tools

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 reviews


Rent-ip reviews
OverallNo Ratings
PerformNo Ratings
SpeedNo Ratings
SupportNo Ratings  service is old rent dedicated, private IP addresses that are all in the United States.They offer a 100% money back guarantee.
SamplePackagePriceGEO location
 20 Proxies $30United States
 40 Proxies $59United States
 80 Proxies $114United States
100 Proxies $143United States
160 Proxies $227United States
200 Proxies $276United States
 500 Proxies $500United States
Here is  Sample packages that Rent-ip proxies service provided. It’s exclusive USA Proxies.I tried 10 private proxies on scrapebox. Worked great with SB, no problems. is fairly new US private proxy service provider, we can’t find more information about it.So if you are already his consumer, Please share your review,Let’s us know more about his service.


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Allowed: Scrapebox, SeNuke
  • Not Supported: Craigslist non-verified accounts,Xrummer

Saturday, September 1, 2012

LimeProxies service reviews

LimeProxies reviews
Limeproxies not only provides private proxies but also offer Socks5 Private Proxies and UK Private Proxies. Limeproxies proxies mainly use for many social media sites and software applications(eg.TweetAttacks).
SamplePackagePriceGeo Locations
 1 Proxies$7.992
 10 Proxies $252
 25 Proxies $602
 100 Proxies $1502
Here is Private Proxies packages that Lime proxiesservice provided.Available US Cities  is PA and  Miami & Scranton only. Custom locations are available at a premium cost.This packages not support Classified Ads / CL and Social Media, Twitter, Youtube and etc,can not Ticketing Sites also.

PremiumPackagePriceCities Covered
 1 Proxies$9.991
 10 Proxies$503
 25 Proxies$1004
 100 Proxies$3008
Here is premium Private Proxies packages that Lime proxies service provided. You can get more Cities Covered– NY, CA, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, IL, Fremont, SanJose, Milpitas, Emeryville, Pala Alto, RiverSide, West Covina, Phoenix.This packages support Classified Ads / CL and Social Media, Twitter, Youtube and etc,can not Ticketing Sites also.


  • Highly Anonymous / Elite Proxies
  • Multi-Location Private Proxies
  • FREE IP Replacement Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Fresh IPs
  • Supported: Craigslist,Twitter, Youtube and etc
  • Not Supported: Scrapebox, Xrumer