Monday, January 28, 2013

Use private proxies bypass blocked social media sites

In case the social media sites that you are using are blocked, it is best to make use of private proxies for social media. At the present, many schools and libraries are already restricting and even blocking accessibility to online social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter as well as other chat rooms. The main reason why restrictions or blocked access are implemented on social networking, instant messaging and file sharing is the fact that there are online sexual predators or for security purposes. Nevertheless, users can still gain access to social media sites as well as other blocked website by using web proxies such as the social media proxies for the social media sites. Aside from that, it can also be done by bypassing the firewall.
social media proxiesThere are ways in order to bypass blocked social media sites. It all depends on the method that the system administrator used on the network system or routers in blocking as well as restricting accessibility to the social media sites. Depending on the web browser being used, you can also try using other web browsers such as Opera or Mozilla Firefox. An easy way to bypass a blocked social media site is using a different website. This might work in case the system administrators applied the content URL filtering as well as blocking through the Internet Explorer settings that works solely on the Internet Explorer browsers. As a result, both Opera and Firefox are not affected by the limitations and blocked access that was applied and it will gain access to the blocked social media sites.
Of course, our main focus is the other method of gaining access to blocked social media sites. This would involve the use of private proxies for social media. Using the social media proxies gained popularity in bypassing restrictions as well as other content filtering and blocking of routers and firewalls. At the same, these social media proxies can help protect the privacy of online browsing by eliminating any trace.
Once social media proxies are utilized, the computer establishes the connection to the proxy instead of the website, thus it filters or blocks the firewall or router. The proxy server, either transparent or anonymous will connect to the destination website such as Facebook or MySpace. In doing so, it will retrieve the page that was requested and then will redirect and send data back to the user. The HTTP proxy [What is the HTTP Proxies and Types of HTTP proxies] is the ideal option to pass through any blocking system.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Geosurf service is a VPN/Proxy server service provider. You can get more than 100 locations on their server.Use their service you can“surf locally without being local”, which is exactly what they do.Geosurf not just provide basic anonymity services,But also there have some feature that other service not have.


There are many CPA/affiliate network advertisement have GEO Targeting  function, So you must use special IP that match GEO Targeting. That also helpful,especially for Media buyer. Geosurf  can help you check the advertisers Landing Page  easily. Information about campaigns, advertisers, mediators can be extracted.That can help you analyzing products and promotion Campaigns promoted In other countries.
advertisers smarter


GeoSurf  Toolbar has a very intuitive and simple interface,Which  compatible with Firefox,Chrome, IE  on PC, MACor Linux, also compatibility to mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones / tablets.Integration of browser with the toolbar makes it easier to work. Learn GeoSurf’s demo video lean how to see the local content in the location of your choice.


Geosurf offer a 5-DAY TRIAL that No setup or cancellation fees. After TRIAL their have 4 plan for you choose.You can choose plans depending on how many private proxy locations you want to use.
 Starter $29/month 100MB Basic $59/month 300MB Advanced $89/month 500MB
Also if you some special needs like, GeoSurf Direct Connect API,GeoSurf for Smartphones,GeoSurf VPN can contact them directly.
Geosurf is very useful for internet marketers.If you are the serious  Media buyer, geosurf must be a essential tool for your business( ).