Saturday, June 1, 2013


MyPrivateProxy is known as MPP offer reliable and efficient HTTP(s) proxies.offers both private and shared proxies packages.You can use it for Facebook,Twitter,Live and any other social service.
Their proxies support up to 100 simultaneous threads,So It’s works great with TweetAttacks Pro, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter for Twitter marketing,scraping,SEO. ProxySP have tested their service for tweetAttacks(5 accounts/private proxy) works really well,and MPP’s  customer support is really nice.


Proxy service

Authorization:Username/ password authorize
IPs Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly <private proxies>
Supported:Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, knowledgebase,fast ticketing, social media marketing tools eg,TwitterAttack.SEO Tools,Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick submitter
Not Allow:Fraud, Xrumer, Torrents,smtp mailing
Proxy Features:3 day money back guarantee
Now — 10% Bonus
Non Sequential IPs
Works great with SEO tools eg.TweetAdder,Scrapebox, SenukeX, , Bookmarkwiz, ZennoPoster, Sick submitter, Answer Assault.

Price Plan

Private ProxiesPricePrice / month
1 Proxy$2.49$2.49
5 proxies$12.15$2.43
10 proxies$23.70$2.37
20 proxies$44.20$2.21
50 proxies$87.50$1.75
100 proxies$174.95$1.74
200 proxies$343.95$1.72
500 proxies$795.95$1.59
1000 proxies$1490.00$1.49

myprivateproxy service detail
Shared ProxiesPricePrice / month
50 Proxy$50.00$1.00
100 proxies$100.00$1.00
250 proxies$237.50$0.95
500 proxies$425.00$0.85
1000 proxies$725.00$0.75
2000 proxies$1300$0.65

Server Location

Myprivateproxy’s proxy servers are hosted on dedicated XEON servers that with 8GB RAM, 1,000 Mbps internet connections, 99.99% Up time.
MPP added a new proxy server location to their list of data-centers. So they are expanding to Europe, starting with Manchester in the UK.
Multiple subnets with over 19,000 dedicated IP’s and counting, Multiple locations mainly at 9 US major cities,
Chicago IL,
Dallas TX,
Denver CO,
Los Angeles CA,
Miami FL,
New York, NY,
Phoenix AZ,
San Jose CA,
Scranton PA,
Seattle, WA,