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proxy-hub reviews
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proxy-hub service  is provide  high anonymous HTTP Proxies. Proxy-Hub Servers are Located in Europe and USA.Their proxy upto 100 Threads that good for SEO tools.Their service is no Restriction to use any SEO tools.
Dedicated Private ProxiesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$20$2
20 Proxies$40$2
30 Proxies$55$1.83
40 Proxies$75$1.875
50 Proxies$90$1.8
100 Proxies$185$1.85
Here is Dedicated Private Proxies (Only you will use) packages that proxy-hub service provided (start from 10 proxies at $20/month) . Their private proxies refresh once a month.Non-Sequential IP Range.

Semi Dedicated Private ProxiesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$10$1
30 Proxies$28$0.93
50 Proxies$47$0.94
100 Proxies$90$0.9
There are also Semi-Dedicated Private Proxies (shared with max 3 Clients)  packages that proxy-hub service provided (start from 10 proxies  at $10/month).And you can get per proxy at $1.

You can go to his website check more detail.Their proxies are unlimited bandwidth,Social Media Friendly Proxies.But not enough infomations provided for it’s a newer proxy service provider.If you check out proxy-hub and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Dedicated Private Proxies AND Dedicated Private Proxies
  • Social Media Friendly Proxies
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Monthly
  • No Restriction to use any SEO tools

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