Friday, November 16, 2012

My private proxy reviews

Passive reviews on MPP.

ive also bought 10 private proxies in august from myprivateproxy and guess what, 2 days of waiting until i got my proxies delivered… I’ve understand that ive used 2checkout to purchase them and 2co has approved my payment after 3-4 hours, but the rest of 44 hours until i got my proxies delivered where they are ? the support guy was very rude when ive asked him about proxies, i received sequential ips that appears to be from different us cities but on a closer ip look ive found that i only got 2 cities locations, very very disappointed the Los Angeles ips didn’t work, the ips was already banned on twitter ive asked to change my proxies and they have told me that i have to wait 1 month until they will change my ips, i think they do not know how to look at the proxy logs to see that i didnt used them, and i wasnt able to get a refund because the 3 days from my purchase has pass and they have a 3 day money back guarantee … I’m very disappointed of their services and I DO NOT recommend them
The live chat on their website is never ON and i was forced to use the ticket system, ive got a reply from their support after 12 hours … What about that Alex ?

Positive reviews on MPP.

I have purchased proxies from numerous dealers and have always been disappointed in their so called “private” proxies because other dealers were selling me public proxies.
I use very specific software for Twitter and if it’s public my software will let me know the proxy is public then…CRASH.
When using MyPrivateProxy my software says specifically, “Private” and works HTTPS as expected. Don’t waste your time in the Blackhat network (Rape Dungeon) because all of those so called Proxy companies are selling you pubic proxies that you can get from any pirated software like Proxy Goblin, for free!
If you want real customer service and “Private” proxies that only you have access to, then look no further because MyPrivateProxy is king.
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