Friday, February 8, 2013

Buy Shared Proxies or Private Proxies for social media marketing and SEO

Free proxies aren't  reliability and security with regards to personal privacy.“Free” Public Proxy Servers look like they could be the solution for SEM’s looking to get around the “Google Blocked” problems with their Search Engine Ranking software.

So we suggest you use  Private Proxies and Shared Proxies

Private Proxies

Many people today want to use private proxies for twitter marketing/social media marketing , and I often get asked where is the best place to pay for private proxies.

There are many proxy service providers out there, but few are of a good enough quality that we would use them.

Generally I would highly recommend the 10 private proxies for most people.If you are a heavier users or a SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION/SEM company then a 20 or 30 package would be much better.

This is the recommended place to get private proxies, as they offer great reliable private proxies:

Myprivateproxy .net

It’s absolutely worth it for the fact that they provide exactly what you need. Ask MPP a question, and I always gets answered in minutes.I asked for special twitter proxies, I got Twitter proxies — and when a few didn’t work right away, support changed them out within a day. Now I have all the proxies I ordered and the SLOWEST one is at 700ms latency. They work perfectly for what I need, and I’m probably going to be with for a long time to come.

Shared Proxies

Shared proxies could be referred to as semi-private proxies.  Usually you share the proxy server with a couple some other private people.  This allows you to still get good fast proxies, but at a lowered cost.

In this manner you both can use the proxies for what you want and share the cost.  Buy Proxies take care of everything, all you do is pay them and move .  Its also secure. Only speed not a little solw than private proxies.

For light use I would go with their 10 proxies pack, or for heavy use the 50 proxies pack is a bargain. They offer both shared and private proxies but for the cost I love their shared proxies, but their private ones are good as well.

BuyProxies .org

BuyProxies does a great job with matching you up with other users that do different things then you do with your proxies.  Like if you want to use them for google scraping and posting, they might match you up with someone who is using proxies for Craig’s List.

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