Thursday, March 21, 2013

MPP(MyPrivateProxy) - The Best Private Proxy Service 2013

MyPrivateProxy is known as MPP providing reliable and efficient proxies.HTTP(s) proxies.offers both private and shared proxies packages.You can use it for Facebook,Twitter,Live and any other social service.

They are very good in Internet marketing, supporting various SEO tools such as Scrapebox, SenukeX, TweetAdder SeNuke, Sick Submitter and more other want to become the number 1 private proxy company in the world! So they are always provide highest quality private proxies to their customers. is on 1st Private Proxy Service of 2013, best companies providing proxies and other related services. With the extensive customer support and efficient proxies and services, no wonder why is on our top list. Plus, the fact that the company is aiming to go protect our Mother Nature; it is an amazing fact about the company that cannot be ignored.

Customer Reviews

I currently have a 100(110 due to the bonus) private proxies subscription with those guys for over 3 months by now. I had absolutely 0 downtime and i’m using their proxies with tweetadder and scrapebox. To be honest from my personal experience those are the fastest proxies from the market and i tried almost every provider.

Dave Jones:

It’s absolutely worth it for the fact that they provide exactly what you need. Ask MPP a question, and I always gets answered in minutes.I asked for special twitter proxies, I got Twitter proxies — and when a few didn’t work right away, support changed them out within a day. Now I have all the proxies I ordered and the SLOWEST one is at 700ms latency. They work perfectly for what I need, and I’m probably going to be with for a long time to come.


I have purchased proxies from numerous dealers and have always been disappointed in their so called “private” proxies because other dealers were selling me public proxies.
I use very specific software for Twitter and if it’s public my software will let me know the proxy is public then…CRASH.
When using MyPrivateProxy my software says specifically, “Private” and works HTTPS as expected. Don’t waste your time in the Blackhat network (Rape Dungeon) because all of those so called Proxy companies are selling you pubic proxies that you can get from any pirated software like Proxy Goblin, for free!
If you want real customer service and “Private” proxies that only you have access to, then look no further because MyPrivateProxy is king.

MPP Service Detail

Their proxies support up to 100 simultaneous threads,So It’s works great with TweetAttacks Pro, Scrapebox, SeNuke, Sick Submitter for Twitter marketing,scraping,SEO. ProxySP have tested their service for tweetAttacks(5 accounts/private proxy) works really well,and MPP’s  customer support is really nice.

Authorization:Username/ password authorize
IPs Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly <private proxies>
Supported:Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, knowledgebase,fast ticketing, social media marketing tools eg,TwitterAttack.SEO Tools,Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick submitter
Not Allow:Fraud, Xrumer, Torrents,smtp mailing
Proxy Features:3 day money back guarantee
Now — 10% Bonus
Non Sequential IPs
Works great with SEO tools eg.TweetAdder,Scrapebox, SenukeX, , Bookmarkwiz, ZennoPoster, Sick submitter, Answer Assault.

Private ProxiesPricePrice / month
1 Proxy$2.49$2.49
5 proxies$12.15$2.43
10 proxies$23.70$2.37
20 proxies$44.20$2.21
50 proxies$87.50$1.75
100 proxies$174.95$1.74
200 proxies$343.95$1.72
500 proxies$795.95$1.59
1000 proxies$1490.00$1.49
myprivateproxy service detail
Shared ProxiesPricePrice / month
50 Proxy$50.00$1.00
100 proxies$100.00$1.00
250 proxies$237.50$0.95
500 proxies$425.00$0.85
1000 proxies$725.00$0.75
2000 proxies$1300$0.65

Myprivateproxy’s proxy servers are hosted on dedicated XEON servers that with 8GB RAM, 1,000 Mbps internet connections, 99.99% Up time.Lastly, is aiming to provide 100% green services in the near future. In fact, the company has started utilizing wind energy as the main source of energy in their Denver datacenter.
MPP added a new proxy server location to their list of data-centers. So they are expanding to Europe, starting with Manchester in the UK.
Multiple subnets with over 19,000 dedicated IP’s and counting, Multiple locations mainly at 9 US major cities,
Chicago IL,
Dallas TX,
Denver CO,
Los Angeles CA,
Miami FL,
New York, NY,
Phoenix AZ,
San Jose CA,
Scranton PA,
Seattle, WA,


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