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Anonymous-Proxies reviews
 anonymous proxies service provides both Private Proxies Service and Virtual Private Network (VPN). anonymous proxies server  is fully anonymous,when you surfing through  proxies or virtual private networks your ip address changes and all your internet traffic appears as coming from  anonymous-proxies servers instead of your computer.
1-9 Proxies0$2.50/month
10-19 Proxies5%$2.38/month
20-29 Proxies10%$2.25/month
30-49 Proxies15%$2.13/month
50-99 Proxies20%$2.00/month
100+ Proxies30%$1.75/month
Here is Sample packages that squid proxies service provided. The anonymous-proxies  start at $2.50 per proxy , you can get discounted on a sliding scale from 5%-30% based on Quantity of proxies purchased. anonymous-proxies also have VPN service for you.VPN start at $5.00/month ,also you can get  discounted on a sliding scale from 5%-30$ based on quantity.It’s restricted from use with Torrents. can be refreshed monthly and bandwidth is unlimited. If you are already his consumer, Pleas share your review at here.Cheers!

  1. mario says:
    3rd month running and top class proxies. Pulling about 3TB a day without a hitch. Highly recommended if you do heavy use.
    And the support is really good too.
    A+++ Proxies
  2. Pana Ion says:
    The best proxies services I ever worked with, no exaggerations. I’ve tested most of the available ones.

  3. Birtz from BHW says:
    The proxies are excellent quality and speed. I have been using the services for few months now and ever had a problem with two or three of them which they have replaced pronto (on Saturday evening at that). I am using them with facebook, digg, twitter and gmail.
    twitter is the only platform they have a problem with occasionally but they are not advertised to work with it so no harm. Small tip;
    for facebook and manual (aka browser) work – use https aka secure connection in browser – much less breakage and checks from facebook side.
    Highly recommended service.


    • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
    • Proxies Update Frequency: Once per month
    • On demand locations,Multiple datacenters
    • Fully anonymous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Supported: Scrapebox, Facebook, YouTube,twitter,Web 2.0
    • Not Supported: Gmail, Xrumer, Torrents,


  1. Stay away!
    Very bad company.
    We bought proxies from them and they blocked our account once they received the money.
    They asked us for the transaction number on our credit card statement...we gave them.
    They kept blocking our account without reason.
    No reimbursement so far.

    Anyway they will ask you for a copy of your IDs, bills, etc (so no privacy at all) and they will probably block your account.

    Big SCAM.

    1. the owner of have changed,that's why it's not on top list of private proxy service,you can check other proxy service on,