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Buy Proxies provides a great deal for IMer who using Scrapebox,Xrumer,SENuke and so on..What makes them unique is that NO restrictions on the use of their proxies.
Dedicated Proxies PriceGEO Subnets
 10 Proxies $202
 20 Proxies$402
30 Proxies $502
50 Proxies $803
100 Proxies $1504
Here is  Sample packages that Buy Proxies service provided.  You can request US, Netherlands, Switerland, Germany, France,UK Proxies. BuyProxies change ips often that they change it underwear, so proxies are unbanned on any site. Every 30 day you can get new IPs.. also have Semi Dedicated Proxies that shared between max 3 users. is are really worth checking out, particularly when you are hampered by the term of  service(TOS) restrictions by most of the other proxy providers . If you are already his consumer, Pleas share your review at here.Cheers!

janist says:
I went with 10 dedis from and I have to say wow, they’re really fast.
All of them were <200ms in Scrapebox on my VPS and I'm currently blasting a 30k List with a nice success rate and great speed. I also started a big SENUKE campaign simultanously and have over 85% success accounts with the proxies.

  • chakim says:
    RadarportalOctober 18, 2011 Ib4ve tried many proxy supplier berofe and I have to mention, that Squid Proxies are by far the best. The proxies are fast like hell (OK, other suppliers offer fast proxies too). But the most important thing is the outstanding support. Ib4ve never waited longer than a few hours for response in case of a problem. And this guys are pretty cool if you run into problems. Changed my proxys without any problems as I asked. I use them for Scrapebox, SEnukeX and Zennoposter without any problems they work like charm! Last but not least: unbeatable price..


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Every 30 days.
  • Multiple Subnets
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Support by email or live chat, 7 days a week
  • NO restrictions on the use of their proxies

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