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GhostProxies reviews
GhostProxies service  is a new private proxy service provider.Ghost proxies are spread across the US with multiple C-Level Subnets.There are supports HTTP or HTTPS Protocol and restrictions on mailing ports, IRC ports, torrenting ports, etc. Also Few websites, such as Craigslist, have very strict policies about proxy usage.
Private proxies packagesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$25$2.5
20 Proxies$50$2.5
50 Proxies$125$2.5
200 Proxies$500$2.5
Here is ghost private proxies packages that GhostProxies service provided (start from 1 proxy at $3/month) .And you can get per proxy at $2.5 .GhostProxies provide unlimited and fast 100mbs uplink. Their private proxies refresh once a month.

share proxies packagesPricePrice Per Proxy
10 Proxies$10$1
50 Proxies$50$1
100 Proxies$100$1
500 Proxies$500$1
There are also shared proxies  that packages that GhostProxies service provided (start from 10 proxies  at $10/month).And you can get per proxy at $1.

You can go to his website check more detail.Their proxies are proxy service provider spread across the US with multiple C-Level Subnets,But not enough infomations provided for it’s a newer .If you check out ghostproxies and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!
Drew says:
Very fast and reliable service. These proxies are working like a boss.


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • Private and  Shared Proxies provide
  • Full refund within 3 days of purchasing.
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Monthly
  • Supported: Scrapebox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,Gmail, Hotmail,Yahoo but Not SMTP-based port 

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